Breakfast Show become godparents to Raven

Breakfast Show become godparents to Raven

Over the last week, the Breakfast Show has been on a quest to find a pet they can be godparents to.

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Breakfast Show hosts Martin Bester and Tumi Morake have decided to be the godparents to one of their listeners' pets, but deciding on a certain pet is not as easy as you think. 

Over the weekend, many took to our poll to vote for which pet the Breakfast Show should adopt.

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We spoke to Raven's owner, Mandie Myburg, who shared the terrible story of how Raven lost his eyes.

Take a listen:

We put three incredible pets head-to-head to a vote - who were not only super adorable, but had amazing stories to their name too. 

Hundreds of our listeners took to our poll and voted. 

With over 60% of the vote, we have a winner! 

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It is clear that Raven was a firm favourite among the Breakfast Show listeners. 

Congratulations, Raven! 

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