Breakfast Show listeners share over-the-top pet spoil stories

Breakfast Show listeners share over-the-top pet spoil stories

Whether it be fancy treats everyday, lavish pet apparel or your pooch's own Instagram account, extreme pet spoils is a real thing. 

pet image spoil french bulldog

These days, spoiling your pet has become a norm for many households. 

Many dogs, cats and other pets are fully entrenched in the family dynamic, being treated as part of the family, much like a child. 

Breakfast Show host Martin Bester has even gone as far as purchasing a jersey for his cat. However, that did not last very long. While speaking about the moment he dressed his cat in the jersey, he explained that "it lasted a whole seven minutes". 

More so, these days pet owners are creating their own social media accounts for their pets. Celebrity pets such as 'Doug the Pug' has become an internet sensation, and even recently 'predicted' the Grammys winners. 

So, if you're one those pet owners who spoil your furry friend rotten, you're not alone...  

How do you spoil your pet? Many of you had your say on our Facebook page. 

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