Crazy fan rushes Britney Spears during Vegas show

Crazy fan rushes Britney Spears during Vegas show

All this fan wanted was a 'piece' of Britney...

image fan rushes britney on stage

However, he never got close!

It's easy to understand why people want to rush on stage when their favouirte idol is performing, as some fans have no self-control when it comes to being in the presence of their music idols. 

While at her 'Piece of Me' show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, a man appeared suddenly, performing a front flip before approaching Spears' back-up dancers positioned at the center of the stage

Luckily, Spears' back-up dancers rushed towards the fan and prevented him from reaching her. Thank goodness! 

Together, the dancers wrestled the fan to the floor, while two security guards briefed Spears on the situation and escorted her off stage. 

Watch the clip below:

As for her fans, they were not happy... 

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