Dramatic moment SUV slams into house's wall

Dramatic moment SUV slams into house's wall

It's scary to see how quick an accident can happen... 

image crash into houses wall

The shocking footage below was captured by CCTV cameras. 

Intelligence Bureau SA got hold of the footage showing a SUV slamming into such a brick wall. The footage was captured just over a week ago on Preller cnr Fairbairn street, Roosevelt Park.

The SUV can be seen approaching from a distance when it suddenly collides with a turning vehicle. It is clear that the SUV is at fault as it tried to make a quick turn, causing the accident.

The contact between the two vehicles sends the SUV onto the pavement when suddenly the SUV lift and goes crashing into the wall of a house. 

The explosive force sends the wall tumbling down as if it were an action scene of a movie. 

This is scary! 

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