Excited South African fan cheers Semenya on in epic video!

South Africans cheer Semenya on from the couch

This is probably one of the best fan videos we have ever seen!

image crazy semenya fan jumping

South African athlete Caster Semenya won gold in the 800m final at the IAAF World Championships.

Once again Semenya has made the nation proud, as she managed to sprint past her opponents to claim the gold. 

When Semenya saw Roberta Little's video on Facebook she was amazed! In the video she can be seen all dressed up in her proudly South African colours, cheering Semenya on while watching the race. 

Semenya even went on to share the video on her official fan page. 

Please note: Contains foul language

Well, if that wasn't enough, watching her cheer on Semenya is not only a little tiring, but super awesome too! 

Sjoe! That looked like a workout, right?

If you missed the moment Caster beat out her fellow components, watch below.

Social media was on fire last night and many were behind Semenya all the way!

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