Insane moment woman smashes ex husband's car while kids are inside

Insane moment woman smashes ex-husband's car while kids are inside

Nothing was going to hold this angry woman back from destroying his car! 

image woman smashes window ex

Shocking footage has hit the internet showing a woman smashing her ex-husband's car out of anger. 

The disturbing video shows the woman going around the car and striking blows to every window, starting from one on the side.

As the woman hits the window by the front seat where her former partner is sitting, glistening pieces of glass can be seen scattering into the car and onto his arm. 

Throughout all of this violent behaviour, two children can be seen and heard screaming from the back. The man can be heard telling the woman to stop and to be careful of the babies. 

The video below was shot by the ex husband and was uploaded to YouTube and it is believed that the woman was in a fit of jealous rage. 

Do you think this woman had the right to behave in this way? 

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