JacaBreakfast's 'playful' encounter with baby rhinos

JacaBreakfast's 'playful' encounter with baby rhinos

We had an 'interesting' encounter with four baby rhinos that had the team running for safety!

image martin dodging rhinos

The @JacaBreakfast team headed out to a secret location last week and joined the Rhino Connect team to launch something very exciting!

To celebrate the launch of the 'Rhino Connect APP', we teamed up with the Rhino Connect team at an undisclosed location to help save South Africa's rhino population. 

While meeting up with Andries from Rhino Connect, the team were treated to a special experience with four baby rhinos. However, we completely underestimated the term 'baby'. 

Martin, Liesl, Echbert, and the rest of the team had a somewhat dramatic experience as they were chased by the rhinos. They even ended up hiding behind trees! 

It was hilarious! 

They seemed to calm down a little later...

What is the ‘Rhino Connect APP’?

The Rhino Connect APP is the first of its kind in the world and an information hub about rhino matters which you will not be able to find anywhere else. The APP will allow you to connect with local wildlife and their habitats.

Rhino Connect, TWK Agri, and Animal Sure have negotiated a market first whereby you can assist the farmers to insure their rhinos against poaching or death by natural causes. With that being said, it will allow you to contribute to rhino conservation while at the same time knowing what exactly their contribution will be used for.

You as a member of the public can invest in your own rhino for only R1,000 per year.

For more information, click here.

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