Kate Emmerson is here to help you 'live light, live large'

Kate Emmerson is here to help you 'live light, live large'

Known as the 'Quick Shift Deva', Kate Emmerson helps many with their 'cluttered' lives and encourages you to live light and live large. She spoke to Martin and Tumi about changing your life and how to kick-start 2018. 

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Has 2017 been a cluttered one? Have you felt tired, heavy, and unhappy with your space? 

Well, then it's time to live by the words of Kate Emmerson and lighten up your load and improve the look and feel of your surroundings. 

As an Industrial Psychologist and having a post-graduate diploma in Industrial Relations with qualifications in aromatherapy and reflexology, her path led her to study life coaching in the UK and since then she has been professionally coaching and clutter clearing. 

"Life is too short to muck about playing small. Kate urges individuals and companies to be rid of physical clutter, emotional baggage, personal fears and limiting beliefs; of disorganisation or chaos; of the desperation brought by workloads, overwhelm or procrastination," says Emmerson. 

As overwhelming as 'letting go' might be for many of us, Kate says that it all starts with something as small as your bedside table. 

She shared some much-needed advice with Martin and Tumi and we are sure that it will help you start your new year filled with positivity. 

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