Tumi Morake impresses with natural sokkie dance skills

Tumi Morake impresses with natural sokkie dance skills

Breakfast Show host Tumi Morake finally got the opportunity to learn how to sokkie and she surprised us all!

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Can you effortlessly sokkie?

It has been just over five months since Tumi Morake joined the Breakfast Show, and one of the activities she's always wanted to tick off her bucket list was learning how to sokkie. 

Sokkie is a style of music and dance that is unique to Southern Africa and popular mostly among Afrikaners. It is also a ballroom dance.

Artists such as Die Campbells, Juanita du Plessis, and Kurt Darren are known for their catchy tunes and songs that fit perfectly with the dance style. 

This coming Friday, Martin and Tumi will be joined by the 'King of Sokkie' tunes Kurt Darren for #FridayLive and Morake knew it was now or never to learn the popular dance. 

Llewellyn Louw, who is the Events Manager from Boerboel Sports Bar, is an avid sokkie fan and definitely knows how to sokkie. 

He joined us earlier today and gave Tumi a few pointers...

Watch Tumi in action below:

What a natural, right?

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