Kevin Hart's awkward security encounter is internet gold!

Kevin Hart's awkward security encounter is internet gold!

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart clearly had tons of fun until security got involved and brought his fun and games to a halt.

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The comedian, and Philadelphia native, was in attendance at Super Bowl LII, and he wasn't afraid of having the time of his life - even if that meant making a fool of himself after the Philadelphia Eagles took home the trophy. 

The Super Bowl is a big deal, and if you've seen how massive the tournament and activities around it are, you would know that there's no funny business allowed.

However, Hart clearly thought he could use his name and status. 

Thanks to some quick camerawork, the world got to witness Hart drunkenly attempting to make his way on stage with the team and the trophy. Only he wasn't allowed through by security, and the rejection is hilarious to watch. 

It just goes to show, even celebrities get bounced! 

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