Local musician exposes 'white privilege' in new music video

Local musician exposes 'white privilege' in new music video

Now here is something that will definitely turn a lot of heads... 


Let's just put it out there that Dave Scott from The Kiffness is nothing short of a genius.

Whether it be memes or incredible music, he always manages to bring the hilarity every single time. 

With the release of their latest album, it seemed like a good time to release the track 'White Privilege'. You can probably already sum up what the song is about and who it s targeted at. 

The first part of the song pokes fun at 'white privilege' and in the second half the song changes things up from white privilege to 'white disability'. 

When asked about the purpose behind the song and video, Scott explained that although the song is humorous, the issue is also very serious.

“White privilege was an attempt to turn my angst into something that all South Africans can laugh at & enjoy.

While I want people to enjoy the video, my hope is that people will also see the gravity & seriousness of the issue I’m trying to address.”

Watch the video below:

Do you think The Kiffness have taken it too far this time?

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