Martin and Tumi face their fears at crocodile park

Martin and Tumi face their fears at crocodile park

Do you have a phobia? Martin and Tumi tackled theirs from high above.

image video martin and tumi face fears at crocodile park

Crocodiles, snakes, and spiders are among some of the most-feared creatures in the world. 

As scary as some of them may seem, they are mostly misunderstood, so it is important to understand what you are dealing with before freaking out. 

In a bid to help people gain a greater insight into these creature, there are some amazing parks who strive to not only entertain, but inform the public about the importance of these creepy crawlies and scaly creatures. 

Croc City, situated just outside Fourways in Johannesburg, offers interactive tours, crocodile feedings, as well as Africa's very first zip-line over croc-infested water.

Martin and Tumi recently spoke about different phobias and many of you commented, sharing your stories, so the duo decided to 'feed each other to the crocodiles'. 

They took this to the next level...

Are you brave enough to zip-line over crocodiles?

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