What do you spend too much money on?

What do you spend too much money on?

Martin and Tumi want to know if there is something you spend too much money on every month?

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For those of you who struggle to control your spending habits, this one is for you...

Cigarettes, alcohol, expensive clothing, and that 'fine living' lifestyle are all examples of ways we can easily spend too much money.

Sometimes, we don't even take note of how much money we spend on things that we buy. Whether it be while we're at the mall, with our friends or splurging on our luxurious hobbies, we could all save so much money if we were to take a step back and think before we spend. 

However, for some it is not that easy.

Martin and Tumi asked a few children to let them know what their parents spend too much money on.

Take a listen:

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