A 58-year-old grandma has set world record for longest plank

A 58-year-old grandma has set world record for longest plank

Meanwhile, the rest of us grunt just getting out of bed...

Guinness World Records

A 58-year-old mother of five and grandmother of 12 recently broke the Guinness World Records for holding the longest plank for a female.

DonnaJean Wilde from Alberta, Canada, broke the record on 21 March 2024 by holding her plank position for an insane 4 hours 30 minutes and 11 seconds, as announced by Guinness World Records.

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"To successfully achieve the record, the challenger’s forearms and toes must touch the ground at all times. The remainder of the body must be lifted off the ground and be kept straight throughout," said the Guinness World Records.

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According to the Guinness World Records report, Wilde was a teacher for many years at Magrath Elementary and Magrath High School; she also served as the high school's vice principal.

The 58-year-old began planking 12 years ago after she fell and broke her wrist, which meant she could not run or lift weights while wearing a cast.

Her planking time rapidly increased over time, and now she does it for up to three hours daily.

DonnaJean's first prolonged plank occurred at the high school where she formerly served as vice principal before retiring.

She ultimately beat the previous record by just over 10 minutes.

"My elbows hurt pretty bad," DonnaJean said after completing her record-breaking plank.

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"I was so worried about losing my form, and I think that’s why my quads hurt because I was just really tense."

DonnaJean felt that the first two hours went by quickly, but the following two hours were much more difficult.

She said: "The last hour was the most challenging, just to stay focussed and keep my form."

During the last 30 minutes, she focussed on "breathing, staying calm, and not shaking".

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Image: Guinness World Records


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