"It hurts my gums": Adorable girl asks mom to stop buying brown bread

"It hurts my gums": Adorable girl asks mom to stop buying brown bread

This is how to not-so-subtly tell your mom you don't like brown bread.

TikTok/ Screenshot

On Tuesday, TikToker Zandihla shared an adorable clip in which her toddler, Amahle ('Mahle' for short), pleads with her to stop giving her brown bread to eat.

Watch here:

@jacabreakfast #duet with @ZandiHla #brownbread Signing her petition to ban brown bread! #Fyp #Funny #Toddler #ToddlersOfTikTok #Food #FoodTok #Viral #SouthAfrica #Gauteng #WhiteBread ♬ original sound - ZandiHla

The video starts with the adorable girl saying, "No, I said white bread."

When her mom asks her whether she doesn't want to eat brown bread anymore, she quickly confirms.

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"No, because it hurts my gums," she said while pointing to her mouth.

Her mom then proceeded to ask the question on everyone's mind: How exactly can brown bread hurt your gums?

Without giving her mom a straight answer, she proceeds to point to the brown bread, presumably referring to the little bits in the bread.

Like a good parent, Zandihla tells her daughter to finish the brown bread in her hand, and then she'll never make her brown bread again.

The video, which has garnered over 300,000 views and 20,000 likes, had TikTok users cackling and leaving some equally hilarious comments.

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"Now I see the kind of bread that's been breaking my patient's fillings; it's brown bread," said one user.

"It hurts my gums too, Mahle. It even chokes me," commented another.

In an equally adorable follow-up video, Mahle proceeds to eat the brown bread as if nothing is wrong.

"The same person who said brown bread hurt her gums," wrote her mother on the video.

Watch here:

@zandihla #laughing #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #kidsoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok #brown #foodie ♬ original sound - ZandiHla

See the original here:

@zandihla #brownbread #SAMA28 #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #kidsoftiktok #toddlersoftiktok ♬ original sound - ZandiHla

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Image: TikTok/ Screenshot


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