Best memes about the megaship stuck in the Suez Canal

Best memes about the megaship stuck in the Suez Canal

Have you seen the memes about the megaship blocking Egypt's Suez Canal?

Ever Given

The huge container blocking Egypt’s Suez Canal is still a trending topic worldwide. 

The MV Evergreen has been wedged diagonally across the Canal since Tuesday, 23 March. However, after many unsuccessful attempts, the container is still stuck. 

 Social media users worldwide scratched their heads as to there has been no solution yet.

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We’ve all seen hilarious memes of solutions to get the container back on its route so we thought we’d make our own!  

Who usually gets you out of a difficult parking bay in South Africa?

A car guard, of course! 

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Martin Bester container meme
Source: WikiMedia Comms

Breakfast with Martin Bester listener, Neville Perry, joined in and his ‘meme game’ is strong! 

Neville Perry image
Source: Neville Perry

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