Biker and taxi in accident while driving 80km/h

Biker and taxi in accident while driving 80km/h

We have seen many minibus taxi brawls in the last few weeks but we’ve never seen an accident happen. It was all caught on camera.

Biker and taxi driver accident
Biker and taxi driver accident/Youtube

A motorcyclist was traveling in Johannesburg when a taxi driver knocked him and the bike went flying at reportedly 80km per hour.

In the video, the traffic light turns green for the motorcyclist, he continues on his route but the taxi comes from behind and turns in-front of the biker.

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As the biker slows down, the taxi drives faster and cuts in front from the right-hand side.

Luckily, the biker is okay to get up and walk to the taxi driver, saying: ”Kom. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop daarso …It’s an accident.”

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The taxi driver goes on to ask: ”Which accident?”


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