Brave guard gunned down at store in Heidelberg

Brave guard gunned down at store in Heidelberg

Visiting a supermarket should not be fearful but it is advised to take extra care.

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Ratanda Ext23/Videosreenshot

A security guard who gets paid to protect property, assets or people was gunned down by a gang while trying to do his job. 

 Video footage of the incident surfaced online recently. Police have confirmed that one of the suspects has already been arrested and that they have strong leads to make more arrests for this crime. 

In the footage a man is seen entering the store and subsequently being stopped by the security guard. He then refuses to be searched which ensues in a scuffle and a firearm making its appearance.


The guard tries to push the man towards the floor, as witnesses look on.

More men come through and shoot the security guard in view of other shoppers. While guard is down, the gang members search his pockets. 

Warning: Contains graphic images. 

According to JacaNews the incident occurred at the Ratanda Mall on Friday evening. The gunmen robbed the supermarket of a substantial amount of cash. A suspect was arrested and appeared in a local Johannesburg court and remanded in jail.

According to police spokesperson, Lungelo Dlamini, a manhunt has been launched for the remaining nine suspects.

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