Businessman who prevented kidnapping speaks to Breakfast with Martin Bester

Businessman who prevented kidnapping speaks to Breakfast with Martin Bester

"I saw the family on Monday and they are doing fine under the circumstances." 

Dishal Sooku Breakfast with Martin Breakfast
Source: SA Long Distance Truckers Facebook

The perpetrator, Naseem Slamang, made his first appearance in the Roodepoort Magistrate’s court on Friday.

In video footage, two women are seen sitting at a table with a young girl when a man jumps the railing and grabs the girl by her neck.

The man is then tackled by the restaurant owner and handed over to security. 

The case continues on Thursday, 17 September.

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The hero, Dishal Sooku, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Wednesday morning. He is the hero who prevented a kidnapping. 

Black belt holder in Jujitsu, Dishal Sooku tackled Slamang, stopping him from kidnapping the girl last week. 

Sooku explained: "I was sitting outside my restaurant when I saw the guy running towards the restaurant. As his one leg went over the railing I got up. The offender was not known by the family."

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"I think it was a motherly instant that took over. I thought he was going to reach for a cell phone but when he reached for the child, I had to act."


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