Clinical psychologist on how to maintain a happy marriage

Clinical psychologist on how to maintain a happy marriage

Is there a secret to a happy marriage? 

Candice Cowen
Source: Jacaranda FM

This picture was taken on 11 May 2021

Clinical psychologist, Candice Cowen, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to weigh in on the importance of a happy marriage. 

Cowen is a qualified clinical psychologist and divorce mediator. She specialises in working with children and families, including family therapy, couples therapy, building communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and pre-marital counselling. 

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People long for essential knowledge and elements on how to maintain a happy marriage. What are the key factors to a happy marriage?  

Cowen says: “South Africans have environmental stress. I think it is easy to get divorced emotionally."

Martin Bester asks: "What are the most common things South African couples fight about?"

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Cowen adds: "Couples fight about finances, sharing tasks in the household, and they have communication issues."

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