Comparing private school fees in South Africa

Comparing private school fees in South Africa

Due to the failing public school system in South Africa, many parents are opting for private education, but at what cost?

Private Shcool or Public School

Many private schools in South Africa have reportedly seen an increase in revenue in the last fiscal year reports.

This is due to an increase in the number of students enrolled in Private schools. 

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According to Business Tech, the popular independent school operator, ADvTech saw an 8% increase in students. 

Another popular private school franchise, Curro, reported a 15% increase in revenue due to the increased number of enrolled students. 

Business Tech also reported that the increase in private school education "shows strong growth for independent schools in South Africa". 

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These results show the lack of confidence South Africans have in our current public school system. More parents are opting for private or semi-private schooling options, but at what costs?

Below is a break-down of five Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa (ISASA) schools' annual tuition:

These prices may differ depending on the location of the schools*

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