Coronavirus slang words taking the world by storm

Coronavirus slang words taking the world by storm

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a new wave of ‘coronaspeak’ among people who are currently in lockdown.

Coronavirus slang words taking the world by storm

This is the product of people being in lockdown and having a little bit more time on their hands. 

Breakfast with Martin Bester had fun with the words during the show on Tuesday morning and listeners joined in.  

Do you know what it means when someone has ‘Ramaphobie’? It is when a South African is scared when the President delivers a national address.

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Breakfast with Martin Bester made a list of ‘coronaslang’:

Coronacoaster – The up and down of your mood during the lockdown


Furlough Merlot - Wine consumed in an attempt to relieve the frustration of not working. Also known as “bored-Eaux”.


The elephant in the Zoom – the awkward situation during work meetings 

Coronacation – forced time off work due to the coronavirus

Covidiot – Someone disobeying lockdown or self-isolation rules

Corona bae – the partner you are in lockdown with

Drivecation – sitting in your parked car in the garage

Iso – Isolation

Lockdown and chill – chilling at home during lockdown

Ramaphobie - South African is scared when the president delivers a national address

Boudgoud – toiletpapier

Eier slukkers – South Africans doing the ‘egg challenge’ 

WFH: “Work for Home’

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