Crime scene cleaner explains details of bloody job

Crime scene cleaner explains details of bloody job

Their goal is to help families recover by relieving them of the burden of clean-up, and return them a home that is completely clean and sanitised.

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Crime scene cleaners specialise in cleaning and sanitising homes, businesses, and vehicles after homicides, suicides, industrial accidents, and other traumas, all while demonstrating compassion towards those receiving their services. 

Martin Bester spoke to one of these crime scene cleaners, Adele, who was a nurse, paramedic, and firefighter. She’s an expert in the business and is part of the Bloed Susters group.

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Martin Bester asked a question we all want to know: ”How long after a murder do you get to clean up?”

Adele replied: ”We usually clean up after the police investigated the scene and gathered all the evidence. Then only can we clean the scenes.”

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Which rooms are the most common for murders? Listen to more of the reverting conversation here:

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