Judge chases two suspects trying to escape courtroom

Judge chases two suspects trying to escape courtroom

We’ve seen some bizarre things, but nothing quite like this before!

Judge chases two suspects escape courtroom
Judge chases two suspects escaping courtroom/Facebook

Two men wearing jail uniforms with their hands still shackled ran from a courtroom in the Lews County District Court. One ran so fast that he was only caught outside. They were eventually both captured.

The difference, however, was that the judge took off his robe and chased the two men himself.

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In the video, one can see the judge chasing the two men down several flights of stairs and catching up with one as he exits the building.

The Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer said: ”Because quite frankly, I don’t like it when judges are jumping over the bench to chase people down … because that’s not what they’re trained to do.” 

The men were each charged with second-degree escape.

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