“Eskom’s corruption has cost SA R1.4 Trillion” - Energy expert, Ted Blom

“Eskom’s corruption has cost SA R1.4 Trillion” - Energy expert, Ted Blom

Ted Blom has raised concerns about the state of power utility Eskom.

Ted Blom on Breakfast with Martin Bester
Ted Blom on Breakfast with Martin Bester/Twitter

He is a senior energy and mining and commodities strategist and tactician. 

Ted Blom previously admitted to Martin Bester: ”I’m actually disappointed that they only uncovered 19 Billion irregular spending. They’re penalising the South African economy.”

A few months later, South Africa is experiencing load shedding across the country and we want to understand why.

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Blom admits that it’s due to very gross mismanagement. The worst thing is to employ people that do not know what’s going on. “The ruling party is not prepared to look outside of the party for people who know what they are doing.”

Blom goes further to say that the apparent wet coal has zero impact on its ability to burn.

Martin Bester asked an important question: ”Do the people in charge get paid inflated salaries?"

“Indeed,” Blom says. “It’s a World Bank finding. The average person at Eskom gets four times more than what they should be getting.”

Listeners then asked Blom questions that worry them. Listen to them below:

Have you experienced irregular electricity billing? This is what you have to do, according to Blom:

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