Energy expert Ted Blom explains corruption at Eskom

Energy expert Ted Blom explains corruption at Eskom

Ted Blom joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to open Eskom’s corruption closet.

Ted Blom Breakfast
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Ted Blom is a senior energy and mining and commodities strategist and tactician. 

Blom admits to Martin Bester: ”I’m actually disappointed that they only uncovered 19 Billion irregular spending. They’re penalising the South African economy.”

He goes on to say: ”The closet is reasonably deep. It’s a mix match of corruption and incompetence (at Eskom).”

Blom is among the most open critics of Eskom. Remember when we experienced regular load shedding back in 2007 and 2008? Blom was one of the few who predicted it before it started to haunt the country.

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After all the issues, the impact on the South African economy hasn’t been factored in and we are sitting with the consequences. 

“I’m trying my best to make the people accountable.” There are 30,000 people working at Eskom, which is too many, according to Blom.

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