Former Rapport editor shares his views on what we can publish

Former Rapport editor shares his views on what we can publish

Former Editor-in-Chief of Rapport Tim du Plessis joined Martin Bester to talk about the matter of principle vs responsible reporting and censorship.

Tim du Plessis
Tim du Plessis / Facebook

Rugby legend James Small passed away recently. Controversial details emerged regarding his death, with the fact that he was found naked in a brothel after suffering a heart attack reported by mainstream media. 

Photos also circulated on social media of Marc Batchelor, who was shot in his car. 

Do we as the public have the right to this kind of detail or has the media gone too far? If we eliminate this detail, is that responsible reporting or the opposite? 

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Tim du Plessis joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to explain what we may and may not publish.

"When I was the editor of Rapport, this type of news was the food," Tim du Plessis said. 

"Social media took over the mainstream industry - such as radio and newspapers. Radio and newspapers are very careful about what they write about people but not social media. I totally agree, we must respect people's privacy but when someone has a high profile, we must enter that privacy." 

"Sharing inappropriate pictures and videos are not fair."

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