Hazelwood shooting in broad daylight caught on camera

Hazelwood shooting in broad daylight caught on camera

How can you protect yourself from a phone snatcher and gunshots? 

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Source: Twitter video

The victim was shot when he resisted handing over his cellphone to the robbers.

How easy is it for someone to drive past you, swipe something, and get away? 

Criminals snatch smartphones on the street and inside restaurants, and then resell them. 

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This incident happened in Hazelwood in Pretoria. Video footage shows a vehicle driving off with the passenger door open with more than ten shots audible. 

The footage is making the rounds on social media. According to reports, one victim was shot and wounded because of cellphone theft. 

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In a Facebook post, The Village restaurant said: "The man, who was shot in the shoulder was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition. The security team and management of The Village say the suspect allegedly tried to rob the victim of a cell phone to which the man resisted and gunfire ensued."

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