Jacaranda FM presenter’s mother tests positive for COVID-19

Jacaranda FM presenter’s mother tests positive for COVID-19

It has become clear that COVID-19 does not care who and where it strikes. 

Carla Mackenzie and mother
Supplied: Carla Mackenzie

It has been four months since South Africa entered its Covid-19 lockdown. 

As of Sunday evening, the country recorded an increase of 11 2333 new coronavirus cases, taking the total number of infections to 445 433.

Jacaranda FM presenter, Carla Mackenzie told Martin Bester her mother tested positive for the coronavirus.  

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Mackenzie said, ‘I was very worried about the virus and suggested to my mother that whichever lockdown level South Africa’s on, rather operate like it’s level 5, which I’m doing. However, I never thought she would get the virus at work. She is a teacher and contracted the virus from a colleague.’

‘It is extremely stressful. Especially being far away from her. The risk is not only between teachers and children but the extended families.’

The country’s recovery rate is inching towards the 60% mark and now stands at 59.5%. Mackenzie says her mother is coping well despite the virus and is only suffering from headaches at this stage. 

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Carla Mackenzie emphasises even if your parents aren't sick, make sure you speak to your parents regularly.'

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