JAC's Top 5: Best moments on Breakfast with Martin Bester

JAC's Top 5: Best moments on Breakfast with Martin Bester

Here are our favourite on-air moments on Breakfast with Martin Bester in the last week!

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Martin Bester is here to entertain you Monday to Friday from 06:00-09:00. He will start your morning off with something completely fresh and new. He is real, fun, and unapologetically South African.

Here is a look at some of the best moments on Breakfast with Martin Bester in the last week.

5. The moment Good Morning Angels helped three girls battling cancer

Golf Days can change and sometimes even save lives. The ICC Group and its members recently held their annual golf day to raise funds for families fighting cancer. The Group reached out to Good Morning Angels to help reach some of these families and to offer them some help. This morning, they will spread the love and assistance totalling R101,000 to three families with young daughters who are fighting different kinds and stages of cancer.

4. The moment everyone was talking in a British accent about things they can't "bloody bear"

What is something... or someone you can not "bloody bear"? A hilarious video surfaced on social media showing King Charles III getting frustrated at a leaky pen. The new monarch lost his temper while signing a visitors' book on a visit to Hillsborough Castle, and the pen started leaking. Our listeners weighed in about this they can bear. 

3. The moment we found out more about Janey and Waney's favourite things

TikTok sterre Janey en Waney het Vrydag op Breakfast with Martin Bester meer kom praat oor hierdie jaar se Glimlagfees. Tydens die ounderhoud het ons ook bietjie meer van die duo geleer. 

2. The moment we found 'leaked' audio about Elton Jantjies' alleged affair

The Springbok fly-half, Elton Jantjies, was reportedly seen entertaining the Springboks’ dietician Zeenat Simjee at two different guest houses in Mbombela. On Wednesday Martin Bester and the team had a few opinions and some 'leaked' audio to share. 

1. The moment when Martin Bester had a BIG surprise for a Justin Bieber fan 

The "Peaches" singer announced on Tuesday via Instagram that he's pulling the plug on dozens of performances scheduled through next March in order to prioritize his health. After his South African tour was cancelled, we had a big surprise for a listener who could no longer attend this show. 

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