LOOK: Princess Kate allegedly spotted at farm shop

LOOK: Princess Kate allegedly spotted at farm shop

Kate Middleton looked "happy and healthy" in a new clip that has been shared on social media.

TMZ / Screenshot

The internet has been flooded with conspiracies and reports that the Princess of Wales, Kate, is missing, leaving everyone asking one question: "Where is Kate?"

New video footage allegedly obtained by TMZ shows the 42-year-old Princess looking "happy and healthy" while at a farm shop with her husband, Prince William.

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The pair was spotted visiting a business, about a mile from their home in Windsor known as the Windsor Farm Shop, on Saturday.

According to The Sun, eyewitnesses spotted the pair as Kate was looking "happy, relaxed, and healthy".

In the video that has since been shared on social media, Kate can also be seen smiling and walking next to her husband while rocking comfortable athleisure wear.

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According to a Kensington Palace official release, Princess Kate, wife to Prince William, underwent abdominal surgery recently on the 16th of January and has been recovering at home since then.

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Nobody has seen the Princess in months, but many people have shared speculation that things are not as they seem.

Many conspiracies, ranging from Prince William having an affair to the Princess actually being dead, have surfaced on social media.

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