Two-year-old girl goes viral for speaking four different languages

Two-year-old girl goes viral for speaking four different languages

The now-viral video shows the adorable little girl counting in English, Swahili, Spanish, and French.

Little Girl
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This is just too much cuteness in one video!

A recent video posted on TikTok shows a little girl counting in four different languages, including one African language.

@amayamwiti Its the way she loves learning so much 🥹 #fyp #toddlertok #22monthsold #clevertoddler #geniuskid #childgenius #toddlertalks #toddlertalkingtip #toddlersoftiktok #themwitis #swahilitok #raisingbilingual #polyglot #languagetok #polyglotcheck #yorkshireaccent ♬ original sound - The Mwitis ✨

In the video, the girl’s mother asks her to recite the numbers in all the different languages.

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She started off by confidently counting in English and then amazed the whole world as she moved on to Swahili, Spanish, and French.

People all over TikTok were amazed by the little girl’s ability considering that she is not even two years old.

"She is too smart. I have never heard anyone count in Swahili," commented one TikTok user. 

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"This daughter of the Kenyan soil gives me chills bro. I watch her every day with my daughter. Her IQ is awesome," said another. 

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