Heroic local waitress saves choking child's life

Heroic local waitress saves choking child's life

Olgah Fakude spoke to Martin Bester after she saved the life of a child who was choking while eating at a Wimpy.

Olgah Fakude

Olgah Fakude, who has been working at one of South Africa’s most beloved restaurants, Wimpy, for over six years, saved a child’s life recently.

On Sunday morning, as she was walking towards her customers, Fakude noticed that the child of the family she was assisting was choking. 

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“I saw the child choking; the mom was confused and didn’t know what to do. I then ran to the child and started doing first aid,” she said. 

“It came into my mind that I have to grab the child and do something.

“I grabbed the child, put them on my knee and then hit them on the back, and they stopped choking.”

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Fakude informed Martin Bester that she attended first aid school and completed basic first aid training. 

During the interview, she also spoke about her love for children as she is a mom herself.

The family gave the waitress a tip for her heroic actions, but she says she didn’t want anything in return.

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“What I did was good for me because I lost one of my sons, and I didn’t care to get anything. I just love children.”

After she shared her inspiring story, Martin Bester assisted the waitress with R5,000 from the Good Morning Angels fund.

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