This South African city has the worst traffic

This South African city has the worst traffic

As more and more people are returning to the office, traffic is again becoming a part of daily life.


Traffic is a part of many South African's daily life, especially in the most densely populated cities such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg.

According to the latest statistics on traffic congestion, Pretoria has ranked as the worst city to drive in, having the worst traffic during rush hours.

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These statistics come from GPS company TomTom, which ranks the traffic in 390 cities worldwide, including several in South Africa. 

Pretoria came in first in South Africa, with Cape Town coming in a close second.

Johannesburg, usually one the most congested cities in South Africa, has dropped down to fifth place, below East London and Bloemfontein. 

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According to News 24, commuters are now spending almost six full days a year in traffic.

The latest index puts the UK, India, Ireland, Japan, and Italy as the worst places to drive during rush hour, where an average one-way, 10km commute can take as long as 36 minutes.

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