Martin Bester surprises the Animal Welfare’s “Magnificent 5”

Martin Bester surprises the Animal Welfare’s “Magnificent 5”

Five young boys brought an emaciated, abandoned Labrador to the Animal Welfare hospital for help.

Magnificent five
Source: Animal Welfare SA

South Africa got to know “The Magnificent 5” when the Animal Welfare Society of SA shared an account of their beautiful story. 

On Tuesday, the group of five young boys, with a timid Labrador in tow, knocked on their door for help.

The Animal Welfare said in a Facebook post: “They looked as though they had just crossed the finish line of a marathon and won first prize as they excitedly took turns proudly explaining that they had found the dog lying in the bushes. The kids went into great detail about the ingenious plan they hatched to help rescue him.”

Whilst two boys stood “guard” over their treasured find, the other three went in search of something that would work as a make-shift collar and lead.

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Minutes later they were back with an old leather belt that they gently fitted around the dog's neck.

To their amazement, the dog stood up and they began their arduous journey that took them along littered footpaths and busy roads to the Animal Welfare Hospital.

One of the nurses who was on duty, Jacques le Roux, joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to talk about the heroic act of kindness. 

“These are five young boys under the age of ten, taking a risk.” 

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“Good deeds like this should not go unnoticed.” 

The dog, now named Champ, is five or six years old and is on the mend, waiting for his forever home. 

Martin Bester donated R1,000 to each boy for the act of kindness. 

Listen to the heart-warming moment below:


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