Midrand patrons rack up bill of more than R200,000!

Midrand patrons rack up bill of more than R200,000!

A Midrand patron managed to rack up a bill of more than R200,000 at a local restaurant on Sunday.

Bill in midrand
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People all over South Africa are struggling financially, but that does not seem to be the case for some. 

A recent post on Twitter showed how a Midrand patron spent an astonishing R273,412 on Sunday evening.

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“At least the club made enough money to be able to now print invoices that include a complete phone number,” read the caption of the Tweet, which showed the list of items that accumulated to this total.

Many users were shocked to see that the patrons managed to spend this enormous amount of money in just four hours.

The R273,412 receipt shows that most of the money was spent on alcohol, R1,400 on hubbly, and only R2,020 on food platters.

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So which items did they order to rack up this huge bill? 

  • 4 x Hubbly Two Pipe R1 400
  • 2 x Moët & Chandon Nectar R4 400
  • 1 x CoFi Platter R750
  • 1 x Mixed Grill Platter (FULL) R675
  • 1 x Ribs and Wings Platter (FULL) R595
  • 8 x Dom Perignon Lumo R64 000
  • 8 x Soda 200ml R206
  • 6 x Corona R276
  • 7 x Sparkling Water R182
  • 2 x Veuve Cliquot Rich R5 700
  • 3 x Hennessy V.S.O.P R7 800 
  • 16 x Red Bull R784
  • 10 x Still Water R260 
  • 1 x Nederburg Baronne R220
  • 7 x Armand Ace of Spade Gold R105 000
  • 4 x Blow Jobs R132
  • 1 x Omeca Gold R39
  • 1 x Hennessy Paradis R32 000
  • 3 x Dom Perignon R24 000
  • 1 x Coke R32
  • 4 x Tonic R104 

The slip also shows that the lucky waitress who served the patron and his guests, Lisa, got a R24,855 tip.

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