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Motorist escapes hijackers, slams into multiple cars

A Cape Town motorist had to think quickly to make sure she did not fall victim to yet another crime.

Cape Town motorist slams into cars to avoid hijack
Cape Town motorist slams into cars to avoid hijack/Twitter

A Cape Town resident had to reverse, smash into cars, and make her way out of the area to avoid a possible hijacking by men in a Mercedes-Benz.

Video footage shows the woman approaching the intersection at Blomvlei Road in Landsdowne when the Mercedes-Benz tried to cut her off.

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Two people can be seen getting out of the car, but the woman’s quick response made it difficult for them to be successful.

According to News24, Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirmed that attempted hijacking and attempted robbery cases had been registered for investigation.

What would you do in a situation like this?

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