Preacher ‘flies’ into church goes viral
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Preacher ‘flies’ into church, goes viral

Social media is up in arms about a preacher. We thought we had seen it all until now...

Pastor 'flying' into church
Pastor 'flying' into church/Facebook

Social media is up in arms about a preacher at Brown Missionary Baptist Church in Mississippi. 

The Mississippi pastor received attention far beyond his congregation when he entered the church in true rockstar style.

The pastor was gliding towards his stage on a Hollywood-style lift, preaching into a microphone all the way down.

The pastor preached: “Jesus Christ is on his way back ... that day is going to come when that sky is cracked and Jesus Christ comes again and every eye will see him when he comes again."

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Videos of the ‘stunt’ have gone viral on social media and one can hear his congregation laughing when he reached the stage.

The preacher admitted that he wanted to illustrate the unexpected nature of the ’second coming of Jesus Christ’.

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Social media users have commented, saying that they have now seen it all and complained the stunt was a total waste of money and everyone's time.

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