'Brotox' and beard transplants on the rise

'Brotox' and beard transplants on the rise

Is it okay for men to get Botox?

Brotox on the rise

These days, people are more focused on their appearances than ever before, including men. 

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, botulinum toxin injections for men have increased by 182% between 2000 and 2022. 

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This increase in male Botox injections has gained popularity on social media and has been dubbed, “Brotox”.

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The term "Brotox" is a fun play on words to reference the popularity of botulinum toxin injections and other cosmetic treatments among men to enhance and elevate their appearances.  

"It doesn't surprise me that the trend of men trying out botulinum toxin and other treatments are becoming more popular among young men - Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to focus on self-care and self-improvement than previous generations," said Dr Alek Nikolic, aesthetic medicine specialist.

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Other cosmetic procedures (surgical and non-surgical) have also increased by more than 29% between 2000 and 2018. 

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Another procedure that has seen great attention is beard and hair transplants.

According to Dr Kashmal Kalan, medical director at Alvi Armani Clinic, beards and moustaches are a symbol of masculinity and confidence. 

As a result, it can come as quite a blow to many men if they find themselves unable to grow even the slightest bit of facial hair, with devastating social and psychological effects.  

Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular and as technology advances, it's now a more attractive solution for men struggling to grow facial hair. 

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The beard hair transplant process involves a medical procedure whereby a surgeon will take hair follicles from the back and sides of your head where the hair is thicker, and transplant them to the affected area. 

This ensures that after a beard transplant, the hair will grow naturally dense. It is also a place where hair can be extracted safely without the possibility of hair loss.

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