WATCH: Spine-chilling moment snake crawls inside ATM

WATCH: Spine-chilling moment snake crawls inside ATM

This is the last thing you want to find when visiting an ATM...

snake in atm
Twitter/ Screenshot

Over the years, there have been many reports of snakes being found in weird and mysterious places, but this might take the cake for the most bizarre place to find a snake...

A video that has gone viral on social media has left the internet in utter shock as it showed a snake climbing into an ATM.

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The video starts with the snake lifting its body while smelling in and around the enclosed ATM. 

The part that left the whole internet with the heebie-jeebies is when the snake seamlessly lifted itself and crawled into a small compartment of the ATM. 

No real sign of struggle can be seen as the snake’s entire body disappears into the ATM in seconds. 

Unfortunately, the music being used in the video adds to the already creepy sight, making it even more spine-chilling.

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It is unclear where the incident occurred, but we’re just happy it’s not in South Africa.

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