WATCH: Male lion ‘revamps’ campers’ tent

WATCH: Male lion ‘revamps’ campers’ tent

“How do you sleep in a tent in a place with lions?”

Lion in campsite
TikTok/ Screenshot

A recent video shared on TikTok by @spotlighttv_ shows a male lion breaking into a campsite and rummaging through the tent. 

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Luckily, the campers made it out of the campsite in time, before possibly becoming the lion’s next meal... but their belongings were not as lucky.

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During the video, the male lion can be seen entering the tent. He then proceeds to bite and rip into the campers’ pillows, clothing, and other gear. 

In an attempt to chase the lion away, the campers, who were in their car, hooted at him and revved their car, to which the lion only seems partially fazed.

The video then cuts to the next day as the campers show the damage that was done to their belongings. 

The biggest question on everyone’s lips is: Why would people sleep in a tent at a place with lions?

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“Who in their right mind would sleep in a tent around lions … sorry not me lol,” said one comment. 

“No ty I’d be scared to sleep in a house there, forget a tent,” commented another TikTok user.

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