New device allows users to kiss over the internet

New device allows users to kiss over the internet

A Chinese tech company has developed a device to help people share long-distance kisses over the internet.

Kissing Device
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Are you in a long-distance relationship and miss kisses from bae? You might soon be able to share kisses over the internet.

A Chinese tech company recently released a device that allows users to share kisses using a phone attachment and the internet.

The phone attachment is equipped with warm, moveable silicone lips that simulate a kiss.

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According to Unilad, the ‘Remote Kiss’ was developed and patented by the Changzhou Vocational Institute of Mechatronic Technology.

Jiang Zhongli, the leading inventor of the device, was inspired to create the device after he was in a long-distance relationship.

“In my university, I was in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend, so we only had contact with each other through the phone. That’s where the inspiration for this device originated," Zhongli explained.

The device is attached to the user's phone and works through an app users must download.  

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Both users have to connect to the app and start a video call where they can share kisses through the lips, which transmits replicas of the kisses to the other person.

The kissing device can also replicate the sounds people make when kissing.

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