LOOK: Outrage over SA women's hockey team’s ridiculous nickname

LOOK: Outrage over SA women's hockey team’s ridiculous nickname

Okay, but this can't seriously be their nickname…

SA Hockey Womens

South African social media users have called on the public to stop calling South Africa's women's hockey team, 'amaStokoStoko'.

A Facebook post by Proud Of South Africans celebrated the hockey team, saying, "Proud of our amaStokoStoko women for qualifying for the Olympics, waiting for the Men's results..." 

The post was shared across various social media platforms, with users requesting a change to the nickname. 

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Many feel that 'amaStokoStoko' is "degrading" and "disrespectful". 

"Stokostoko? Whoever came up with that name doesn't respect our Ladies... shame on that person," said one Facebook user.

"Please don't call them that, can't we come up with better names," said another.

"So you guys find nothing wrong with them ladies being called "amaStokoStoko"?"

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One Facebook user also pointed out the potentially problematic nickname for South Africa's Paralympic team. 

"I'm still trynna recover from the person who sat there and thought 'AmaKhrokoKhroko' is a perfect name for our disabled Paralympic team. Now y'all just pulled another moment of madness by naming a National team: IStoko! "AmaStokoStoko" Ama what? Do y'all have any idea what this perpetuates? A whole national referred to as IStoko. This is beyond wild," said Esethu Esto Komeni.

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