Play ‘Brainiac’ with Martin Bester!

Play ‘Brainiac’ with Martin Bester!

Do you have the answer to everything? Martin Bester wants to test your knowledge with 'Brainiac'.

Martin Bester pens
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Every parent thinks their child is a genius, but there’s a way to be sure from an early age - by playing 'Brainiac' with Martin Bester!

If you are between the ages of eight and thirteen and you have an inquisitive mind, you will want to pick Martin Bester’s brain and represent your school.

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The first contestant on Monday morning was thirteen-year-old Jordan from Abbots College.

1. How many legs does a porcupine have? 4

2. What is a sturgeon? No answer - Incorrect

3. What is the name of Martin Bester’s dog? No answer - Incorrect

4. Who is the president of America? Donald Trump

5. The highest mountain in Africa? Mount Kilimanjaro

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Jordan got three out of five and is third on the leaderboard! 

12-year-old Hanna from Menlopark Primary is Tuesday, 22 January's contestant:

1. On what continent is the city of Mombasa? Africa - Correct

2. Which colour symbolises peace? White - Correct

3. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? - William Shakespeare - Correct

4. What is the competition on Breakfast with Martin Bester called where we're giving away R100 000? Secret Sound - Correct

5. What is a baby goat called? A kid - Correct

Hanna got a whopping five out of five and is at the top of the leaderboard! 

13-year-old Cassidy from Bryanston Primary is Wednesday, 23 January's contestant:

1. Which mountain is the highest in the world? Mount Everest - Correct

2. What hunts the most? A female or male lion? Incorrect answer

3. Which planet is known as the red planet? Mars - Correct

4. Name or sing one of Martin Bester's songs. Correct

5. What is Zumba? A dance workout - Correct

Cassidy is second on the leaderboard behind Hanna. Well done Cassidy. 

Joshua from West Rand Scool for children with disabilities 

1. Which sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers? Honey - Correct

2. Which country is home to the kangaroo? - Australia - Correct

3. Name the school Harry Potter attended? Hogwards - Correct

4. Great Whites and Hammerheads are what type of animals? Sharks - Correct

5. What colour are emeralds? Green - Correct

Joshua is at the top of the leaderboard with Hanna. Well done, Joshua!

Do you want to play tomorrow?

Let Martin Bester know by sending an SMS to 37942!

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