Prime Circle wows on Friday Live!

Prime Circle wows on #FridayLive!

We were left overjoyed when Prime Circle performed this morning to a magnificent Gauteng sunrise!

prime circle
Breakfast with Martin Bester

Since their debut in 2002, Prime Circle have been one of the most celebrated rock acts in South Africa. The band has toured extensively, performing at several major international festivals over the course of their 16-year career, and have been honoured with numerous South African music awards and celebrated chart-topping hits.

They recently returned from a tour of Germany and are celebrating their return to South African shores with a brand new tour called 'Head in the Clouds".

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They joined the JacaBreakfast team this morning to give you a sneak peek of what you can expect at their live performances.

Their first performance was of their smash hit 'Consider Me':

'Pretty Like The Sun' is the second single of their 7th studio album, called 'If You Don't You Never Will', and is currently number one on the Chamberlains Top 20 as well as the SA Top 20!

They will celebrate their new album with two shows across two nights of rock at the Montecasino Teatro!

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