VIDEO: Python miraculously escapes attack from pack of mongooses

VIDEO: Python miraculously escapes attack from pack of mongooses

The python made its escape after being attacked by a pack of more than fifteen mongooses.

TikTok/ Latest Sightings

Nature is quite the spectacle!

If you were to put a huge python head-to-head with a single, tiny mongoose, there is no doubt which one will be the victor, but if you put a python up against more than fifteen mongooses, the odds seem to shift a little.

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In a recent video shared on Latest Sightings, a python made a miraculous escape after being attacked by a pack of mongooses.

The intense sound the pack makes during the attack is enough to make any critter give up, but even after numerous attacks from the mongooses, the python still doesn’t give up.

Watch here:

In the video, the python can be seen fighting for its life while the mongooses nibble and scratch at its skin.

Finally, the large snake, which is presumed to be about two meters long, manages to make a narrow escape by climbing up a nearby tree.

Two men narrate the shocking incident.

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Possibly the most shocking part of the video is when the men realise that one of the mongooses ‘called off’ the attack after it noticed the snake making its escape.

"Somebody [one of the mongooses] said leave. Look at that. Somebody said go," said one of the men. 

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Did you know that the plural noun for mongoose is not mongeese, but rather mongooses?

Do you know the collective noun for mongoose?

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Image: TikTok/ Latest Sightings


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