SA number one country for alcohol-related road deaths

SA number one country for alcohol-related road deaths

This is not the kind of list you want to be recognised for...


South Africans love having fun and partying, and anything and everything calls for a celebration in our country.

Although this makes us a unique country, these celebrations and parties often come with excessive use of alcohol. 

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The South African government has issued warnings over the dangers of alcohol looming over the country, and each year, the campaign for road safety over the festive period is again emphasised. 

According to a recent report by the South African government, alcohol is the most widely used psychoactive substance, with high levels of binge drinking reported across the country.

"Every year, the lives of 3 million individuals are lost due to alcohol, representing 5 per cent of all deaths," said the report. 

World of Statistics, a social media account devoted to sharing statistics from around the world, recently shared each country's share of alcohol-related road fatalities.

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Unfortunately for South Africans, we made the top of the list.

Look here:

This information is backed by a report from the Economic Times in 2023.

According to this report, 58% of road crashes in South Africa were due to drunk driving.

Sources: Forbes, Economic Times, World of Statistics

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