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Shocking CCTV camera chaos at garage after Global Citizen concert

Harrowing scenes were experienced and witnessed in Johannesburg on Sunday night after the Global Citizen Festival.

Chaos at Sasol Garage
Chaos at Sasol Garage/Youtube

Shocked and traumatised concert goers are now telling how they had to run for there lives to escape criminals, waiting outside the FNB Stadium in Soweto on Sunday.

Stories are emerging of thousands of people having to wait for hours for their Uber rides, leaving them vulnerable after the Global Citizen Festival ended just before midnight.

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A day that was supposed to be filled with happiness, joy, and camaraderie, ended as soon as they left the stadium and realised they became easy prey to criminals waiting outside the gates.

We all heard the stories but never really grasped it until we saw the CCTV footage outside the Sasol garage.

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