South Africans fall for believable WhatsApp scam

South Africans fall for believable WhatsApp scam

Fake news and scams are currently doing the rounds on social media. 

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The popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, is updating its terms and conditions section in an attempt to further promote Facebook integration.

The new Ts and Cs are compulsory and users will have to agree that WhatsApp can share their data with the tech company or they face losing access to their accounts.

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However, there is a new scam which seems legitimate, but blocks users from the popular app, and South Africans are falling for it. 

Social media law expert Emma Sadleir shared tips on social media on how to prevent getting scammed on WhatsApp. 

Sadleir says: “NB there’s a hectic new WhatsApp hacking issue - if *anyone* asks you to send a six digit code DON’T!! It will look super legit. They may even call you to hurry you along. Happened to a few friends this evening who are now locked out of WhatsApp indefinitely.”

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Take a look at a screenshot of the hack below:

Has this happened to you recently? 

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Image credit: Pixabay

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