“Is there a doctor on board? Please.” - Eight-hour horror flight in SA
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“Is there a doctor on board? Please.” - Eight-hour horror flight in SA

Do you have a fear of flying? This domestic flight will make you want to never fly again.

Eight-hour horror flight in SA
Eight-hour horror flight in SA/Tammy SaltyDawg

A few passengers detailed the events that happened on 21 November on board a Mango flight JE352 from Cape Town to Durban.   

You know that part in the movies when the plane is rattling, climbing steeply, engines straining, seats squeaking, lights off and everyone is white knuckled trying to stay calm?

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That is exactly how Tammy felt when she tried to get back to her family in Durban. She says,” The pilot stated he would not fly or land a plane in weather or conditions that were even a little unstable. He did an amazing job.”

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In Mango Airlines' statement to Breakfast with Martin Bester Mango says they regrets the inconvenience caused to all Mango guests on flight JE352 on Tuesday night. "The plane was diverted to O.R. Tambo due to inclement weather in Durban. As a precaution, the aircraft was changed and for security reasons Guests could not re-enter the terminal. All affected Guests have been offered a voucher and formal apologies for the inconvenience caused."


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